About Kim

Kim Robinson is an inspirational speaker and author, native of Chicago, Illinois. She began her journey in the Cabrini Green housing projects. Kim is the second born of five daughters. At the age of four, Kim was removed from her family’s care due to physical child abuse.

Shortly after Kim became a ward of the state, she experienced a tough upbringing in the foster care system due to generational child abuse experiences. Kim believes she was born into this life to become a prize fighter at overcoming obstacles. She has navigated these circumstances with poise and grace. At the ripe young age of 17 she landed in Montgomery, AL for college.

While in the south Kim built a family of four beautiful children and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Troy University.

She has operated in strength, intellect, and wisdom as a woman who has endured adversities, kept focus, and continue to accomplish goals. 

As an activist, encourager, and positive thinker, she makes every effort to find the good in every situation with the focus to help others do the same.

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